Looking for a freelance technical project leader?

Hire a technical project leader for complex projects

Pieterse Machine Service supervises complex projects, such as furnishing factories and assembling large machine and production lines.

The project leader has experience as machine specialist and takes on an advisory and supervisory role in large projects. The goal of this project is an expert execution of the desired end result. The project leader is responsible for the information supply, allowing the activities to run smoothly, as all employees know what they need to do. Having a large network available makes it possible to provide the project with custom solutions. For example, specialists can be hired or special machine components can be made. You can employ the project leader for large projects on interim basis.

Tasks of a project leader:
● Furnish factories
● Couple machines in production lines
● Think ahead, address challenges and think of solutions
● Steer on a technical level
● Determine the correct machine construction materials
● Communicate with contractors and requesting quotations
● Rent cranes, elevated work platforms and forklifts

Why choose the project leader of Pieterse Machine Service?
● Electronically and mechanically skilled
● Large network of specialists and suppliers
● Helicopter view on large, complex projects
● Certificates: Dutch Safety VCA-VOL, GMP, NEN3140, forklift and elevated work platforms


Pieterse Machine Service
Raafstraat 22
2406 EC Alphen aan den Rijn

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